The Meaning of 'I AM'

The power of ‘I AM’ is in fact the power of the universe.

It’s the healing force from which the entire universe including us the human race is made.

It can be experienced in numerous ways, a shining light, or a feeling from deep inside our hearts, or even as great wisdom! Using the ‘I AM’ phrase is a direct call to the universe, to God, to ask that the doors be opened to release pure and radiant energy into our lives.

There is no limit to the power, of ‘I AM’, whether it be for self healing, as in I AM healing myself now, or I AM the life….. feeling the power radiating through every cell of my body, flooding my mind and all my emotions, simultaneously.

Meditation strategy: The ‘I AM’ phrase works extremely well when meditating. Use it as your meditation metronome by breathing in while repeating the ‘I’ and then breathing out saying the ‘AM’.

Beware of the Negatives.

When we make a statement like: ‘I am not well’ or ‘I am a not a success’, we impose enormous limitations upon ourselves.

When you use the affirmative like: ‘I am healthy’, or ‘I am successful’, you are inviting a huge capacity for transformation.

All feelings are built upon ‘I AM’. God is often known as the ‘I AM’.

Jesus said: ‘I AM the light of the world’.

Rumi, the great Sufi poet wrote:

I am neither a Muslim nor a Hindu, I am not a Christian, nor Jew.

My place is the no place.

My image is without face.

Neither my body nor my soul.

I am of the Divine Whole.